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 Our life is a marvelous canvas which is being created by ourselves day by day. Why not add some fascination of water colours paint to it?

“Aquarelle” means cosiness, comfort, a complete enjoyment by rest.

Park-hotel “Aquarelle” which is situated on the bank of a lake on a spacious territory not far from Lviv attracts its guests and tourists by comfortable suites of the first class and standart ones, tasteful meals of European cuisines, modern equipment in a conference hall. But first of all it draws its visitors with its irrepeatable aura of hospitality, multiplied by professionalism of a hotel team.

Everybody can find here something to his taste. Those who are fond of a family rest will greatly enjoy walking on a large territory around the lake, quietness and cosiness, a splendid opportunity to relax from a city noise.  More over “Aquarelle” can be a perfect  choice for a business meeting of informal corporative rest. Besides the list of entertainments can include making wedding parties and giving banquets.
You could only imagine!.. the terrace which deeply runs into the lake as a head of a ship, shady paths of a walking place, a nicely decorated spacious banquet hall, unusually tasteful cuisine, a splendid opportunity to accommodate your guests.
Don’t you think that it’s really the only place where you can find an ideal rest. All your dreams and wishes will be perfectly realized by our professional team who will take care of your business and private meetings at the highest level.

Amazingly delicious European cuisine in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant will help you enjoy your stay.
Rooms of park-hotel "Akvarel" equipped with air conditioning, bath accessories and hair dryers. The rooms have telephone, Wi-Fi, satellite TV.
Organization of weddings and banquets. Terrace, which runs into a lake, a rostrum, shady alley complex, festively decorated with a spacious banquet hall, a wonderful tasty
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Zhovkva, st. Vokzalna 14 А
+38 03252 21 021
+38 097 311 73 11