Zhovkva, st. Vokzalna 14 А
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Park-hotel “Aquarelle” which is situated on the bank of a picturesque lake is a splendid choice for organizing business, personal corporative as well as holiday celebrations. We are glad to invite you to have a merry banquet, reception in our restaurant which is always open from 11a.m. till midnight.
A spacious, light banquet hall of a restaurant is an ideal place for different  celebrations, easily accommodating up to 250 guests.
Even the most selective will enjoy tasteful meals of our restaurant, and its terrace which cuts into the waters of a lake like a stern of a ship will be a pleasant place for walking during the breaks while celebrating your feast.
If you are close to nature a summer court situated next to the restaurant can be an alternative choice in a warm time. There is no reason for worriment. Even here our team will show you a high level of service.
Amazingly delicious European cuisine in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant will help you enjoy your stay.
Rooms of park-hotel "Akvarel" equipped with air conditioning, bath accessories and hair dryers. The rooms have telephone, Wi-Fi, satellite TV.
Organization of weddings and banquets. Terrace, which runs into a lake, a rostrum, shady alley complex, festively decorated with a spacious banquet hall, a wonderful tasty
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Zhovkva, st. Vokzalna 14 А
+38 03252 21 021
+38 097 311 73 11